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Our pole dancing and aerial classes are all mixed level and we tailor our class content to suit your individual needs to find ways to challenge you at your level. We teach absolute beginners working on your first spin all the way to advanced level flips, tricks and combos!

Pole Fitness

Pole fitness, or pole dance, is an all-round body workout incorporating elements of dance, gymnastics & circus skills to build strength, flexibility and confidence. Poles can be used on static or spin for an awesome range of tricks, flips and transitions.

Pole dance has its roots in strip clubs and has branched out into countless styles and is now an officially recognised sport by the International Olympics Committee!

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aerial hoop

Aerial hoop, also known as lyra or cerceau is a metal ring suspended from the ceiling or from a freestanding rig with origins in the circus. A range of shapes, balances and drops can be performed in the hoop.


Pole and hoop have a lot of cross-over and both improve upper body and core strength.

Aerial silks

Aerial silks, also known as aerial fabric, is a speciality fabric suspended from the ceiling. There are all manner of beautiful shapes and big drops that can be made by wrapping the silks around your body.

This apparatus is a full body and brain workout, as silks will help you build coordination, strength and endurance

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online stretch

We also offer an online stretch class via Zoom, focusing on improving leg flexibility for splits.


Using a range of passive stretches and active exercises, you will improve both your end range strength and stability to get strong stable splits.

we also run workshops!

Workshops are longer classes that offer the possibility to explore speciality styles and unusual apparatus, such as heels, twin pole, and tippy hoop!

We run workshops roughly once a month, so don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest update! 

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